my name is madhavan palanisamy. my friends call me maddy. 

photography connects me with the beauty, humanity and the joy of the world. my head is full of visuals that are waiting to greet the world. sometimes they drive me restless but i keep my head on my shoulders and have a poker face + beard. so chances are that you won’t notice the restlessness at all.  

i worked in advertising before where i learnt about the persuasiveness of ideas and visuals. i have always been a student of world cinema and that has a profound influence on how i see images. i love music and poetry. and books. and art. everyone likes these things but each of us takes out what we need to build our rich inner world. 

i am interested in collaborating with people and brands who want to express something deeply personal and reach the whole wide world. 

i live and work in chennai, india. and always traveling to wherever my work is. 

call me!

insta: @madhavan.palanisamy

madhavan palanisamy
july, 2019


Indian Army Project featured in Phroom Magazine
Indian Army Project featured in : WU Magazine
Souls are made of Stardust featured in Liberation France
Souls are made of Stardust featured in Landscape Stories




 images © madhavan palanisamy 2019