Shot on Olympus Pen F / 100mm F3.5 / T Max 400 exp 2012 

Sharing some pictures from the Pen F test. The Pen system is something you can fall in love with instantly. It is a half-frame camera -  it will give you 72 shots. When you look into the viewfinder you see a vertical image (and not a horizontal one like a full-frame camera) and that is amazing to shoot portraits with.  Especially with the 100mm. It is compact as well. You get diptychs if you scan the 35 mm as one image - like these images and they look graphic and poetic. Unlike digital, I feel we need multiple film cameras. Sometimes I take 2-3 for a project even if I am shooting alongside digital. The Pen with 100mm, Contax G2 with 45, RZ with 110 and a lomo. Each one is like a speaker that plays the same song but with its own twist. and everything that comes out of it is perfect.

If you want to know more you can check online - there are many reviews. Like this one from Analog Insights and a Post by Christopher J Osborne

 images © madhavan palanisamy 2019