you once brought me some records

and played it with so much fervour.

i searched for them today

and instead found your handkerchief.

soft to the touch

tender to the memory.



do you remember

the hot summer afternoons at our house?

i take the swing

you read your books

and in the evening

you make chai for us

the ocean air

the moving swing

the smell of tea,

you and me.



what is with these birds?

they sing and chirp

and fly and fly.

they don’t carry suitcases,

lunch bags or mortgages.

are there any sad birds?

i wonder.

some bird songs are sad

but they are not filled with sadness,

only longing.



NIRA by Priyanjoli Basu
Photography: Madhavan Palanisamy
Creative Direction: Radha Rathi
Muse: Kripali

 images © madhavan palanisamy 2019