Credits and notes:

1. The Stranger is a film about our sub-conscious. The inner person who makes us do things. Featuring Shaun Dsa. Voice by George Sebastian. Shot, edited and directed by Madhavan Palanisamy

2. Moonstruck: is a diabolical film about the effects of the full moon

3. River Drowning Horses is a fashion film that is set in a dark world and was shot along the talented photographer Pretika Menon's self commissioned work. I heard the track (Aravind and Jaishankar) and i wanted to shoot something that is inspired by that. 

4. Red Earth / Pouring Rain is a film made for Radha Rathi. Its a moody film shot on a rainy Chennai evening. 

5. A walk in the clouds film was made for the talented designer and our dear friend from Pondicherry, Naushad Ali. Featuring Valeriya. Film by Radha Rathi and Madhavan Palanisamy

6. Oleana : full of grace is a movement montage featuring Olena, a wonderful dancer from Ukraine. 

7. Oleana  was the warm up to film 6. 

8. A Kind of Blue: is a montage film Radha Rathi and i shot during our Kalpadruma shoot. Featuring Amala and Tanuja. 

9. The Journey of Silk was made for Tulsi Silks. To show at Lakme Fashion Week. Shot by Deepak Menon, Music by Aravind and Jaishankar and Edited by Madhavan Palanisamy and Radha Rathi. 

10. Indian Terrain / The Journey. I worked with Niranjan Natrajan of WhyAxis to make this for Indian Terrain. To tell the origin story of its dynamic founder, Venky Rajagopal. Shot by Deepak Menon.

11. Promo for Chennai Photo Biennale: A fun promo we did with 'Camera Heads' with Varun Gupta, Gayathri Nair, Priyanjoli Basu and team. Music used with permission from Tajdar Junaid.

12. Language Montage film is a collaboration between Radha Rathi, Vivek Karunakaran, George Williams and I. Music  by Aravind and Jaishankar. Shot for Language Shoes.

13. Madras Label Teaser film shot this for a Aruna's Madras Label launch. Featuring Roya. 

14. Language Shoes 'Escape' Film: Shot for Language Shoes. Film by Radha Rathi and i. Music by Aravind and Jaishankar. Shot by George Williams.