Madhavan Palanisamy (Maddy) is a photographer based out of Chennai, India. After working in advertising for 10 years, one day, he looked into the view-finder of the camera and saw a whole new different world filled with magic, wonder and inspiration. After that, there was no turning back.

 Maddy's photographs combines elements of editorial, fine-art and fashion imagery to create stories that are unique and personal. He is known for his atomspheric portraiture and his ability to interpret a brand or an idea and create stories.





10. Bob Dyan, for singing 'the ancient empty streets are too dead for dreaming'. Leonard cohen for saying ' there is a crack in everything / thats how the light gets in'. The Beatles who said 'the love that you take is equal to the love that you make'. The U2 for making Joshua Tree. 


8. Bergman for his metaphorical density. Vittorio De Sica for reality. Fellini for style. Keizloviski for imagination. Godard for fantasy. Kurasawa for the rains and Maniratnan for everything.   

7. Chris Nolan, Richard Linklater, Abbas Kaistromi,  Micheal Cameron, Arnovsky. Michael Stipe, Thom Yorke. 

7. Nadav kander - who said that the eye has to only see a fragment of what the mind can imagine.  Dayanitha Singh. David Lachapple. Gregord Crewdson. Tim Walker. Paolo Roversi. Annie Leibovitz. Lubeizki. John Clang. Roger Balan. Daido Moriyama. Rinko Kawoichi. 

6. Pablo Neruda, Leonard Cohen, Jim Morrison, Lou Reed, Murakami, Nabokov, Stipe, Thom Yorke. Chris Nolan, Richard Linklater, Abbas Kaistromi,  Micheal Cameron, Arnovsky. Michael Stipe, Thom Yorke



3. My family and friends

2.  My mom, who believed in me so much that it was scary. For her quirks. For her endurance, her kinks. For making me the most amazing food. For guarding my sleep. For supporting me and letting me pursue my dreams even when it was impossible. For my first ever motorbike. 

1. My dad, who taught me how to see the world, even after his own eyesight was taken away from him. For his study, full of magazines, books, magic and the incense of knowledge.  For his crazy friends. For taking me to screenings of bicycle thief, appu sansar, gold rush. seventh seal.