these words
that lay crumpled beneath her feet,
mute, disorganized and dead

they have helped me before
with their kindness.
they have lent their voice
without complaining.

i have surrendered to their power,
to their might and their sex appeal.

tonight, they won’t help me.
they won’t persuade notions and meanings and thoughts
to witness their magic.

unrelenting, they have become
mad, uncouth.

where is your chivalry? where is your honor?
my dear words, wake up from your hurt
your slumber, your indifference.

my mouth is thirsty for you
give me just one more chance to be your slave?



you are not saying anything.

there won’t be any dancing around alphabets and syllables,
no truth or dare between meaning and understanding.

you are fighting for absolution
with all your dignity
with all your grace.

instead of ruling the world,
claiming hearts and shares of bed
by dancing on the tip of my tongue,
you just simply lay there
crumpled beneath her feet,
mute, disorganized and dead.


madhavan palanisamy / dec 2012