Simla Special.

I made these pictures during a recent trip to Simla with my son, Sid. Simla is a quaint city that rests on the top of the hills in Himachal Pradesh, India. It was the summer capital of the British India.

It was hot. We spent a lot of time just hanging out at the resort. We also went to some touristy places, one such was a wax museum. 
What is a wax museum doing in Simla? we don't know. But it sure attracts the kids. There were all kinds of celebrities - Steve Jobs, Obama, Iron Man, Micheal Jackson etc. 
These wax statues are the monuments of the modern world that people can go up close and take pictures with. On the other hand, i loved photographing the flowers. They were my monuments. Ephemeral, but so majestic and beautiful. 

I wanted to create a diptych with intimate shots of these two different streams coming together as one.  

Book designed by the talented and effervescent artist, Radha Rathi 'You & I’ written by the brilliant Mathangi Krishnamurthy. Her new book, 1800-worlds is out in Dec 2017.