photography helps me grab hold of this huge, invisible universe and share it with others. 

i am a photographer and filmmaker. i love to tell stories. i love to explore the world that opens up the moment we want to see something beyond what is presented to the naked eye. i believe that love is stronger than hate.  i believe that pursuing art and creativity has made me understand our shared humanity and the things that connect us. 

i treat commissioned work and personal work alike and i would love them to co-exist seamlessly. 

cinema is a big source of inspiration. music too. and i've got my books and poetry to protect me. i think we eventually become what we like the most and i like what i am becoming. 



2016:   In Dreams, Focus Art Gallery/ Chennai Photo Bienalle, Chennai
2015:   Signs, Apparao Gallery - Lodhi - New Delhi
2011:   Wish we were friends, Asharaa Art, Chennai
2011:  Chennai Remix, Apparao, Chennai
2010:   Everything in its right place, Apparao Gallery,Bangalore


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