My name is Madhavan Palanisamy. I am a photographer, filmmaker, and artist based in Chennai, India. My friends call me Maddy.

I took a while to get here. I studied biochemistry, then management, worked in several advertising agencies before looking into the view-finder of the camera to discover this beautiful future. This journey has a great influence on me.

I am drawn to projects that have a heroic quality and an opportunity to present it with beauty and magic realism. I look for lyricism, rawness and nostalgia.

I do projects in portraiture and fashion; for me they are both very similar as I am always trying to find an image that would become a bridge to walk into another world.

I often think about where we come from, our connectedness, the lessons we learn and the balance that we can find when we open our hearts. These thoughts and ideas inform my conceptual work.

Madhavan Palanisamy
Feb, 2019


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